2016 Indy Do Day Accomplishments

Project Name: Brookside Park Clean Up and E 9th St Neighborhood Clean Up

My name is Lisa Boyles and my organization, Rivoli Park Labyrinth participated in Indy Do Day for this project: Brookside Park Clean Up and E 9th St Neighborhood Clean Up

This is what we accomplished: 

For the first #IndyDoDay clean up organized by the Rivoli Park Labyrinth in 2014 , children and youth from two different sites gathered at Brookside Park to pick up trash. The students from Gambold Prep High School and their chaperone, Lori Armstrong, picked up litter from the shelters and the tennis courts and a large grassy field and all the areas in between. They left no unwanted item on the ground. They were thorough and good spirited about the service they were doing. The students from the East 10th United Methodist Children and Youth Center and their leaders, headed up by Robert Singer, focused on the area in front of the community center and the playground. They really had fun crawling under the play structure to find little bits to pick up. During this clean up the children and youth all got a chance to meet the park manager, Jeff Smith, and they all plan on coming back to enjoy the facilities in the park and will encourage others not to litter. For this clean up we had a total of 14 volunteers working for 2 hours.

The second clean up organized by the Rivoli Park Labyrinth this year started at the labyrinth itself, but that was just to gather and learn about the history of the labyrinth, which was installed with Indy Do Day volunteers on Oct. 10th, 2013, and to get a brief tour of the space and all its community art. Our crew of six people picked up three pickup truck loads of litter and debris from one block that is within walking distance of the labyrinth. A neighbor saw what we were doing and helped us with the hauling. As we picked things up, we sorted the litter into glass, plastic and aluminum for recycling. So, we ended up with a whole trunk load of recyclables on top of the trash and debris we hauled away. All this was on one city block and our small but mighty crew picked it all up in two hours. The plan is for the Rivoli Park Labyrinth volunteers to do a service project for the surrounding neighborhood and other areas city-wide for Indy Do Day every year as our way of giving back. We organized two clean ups this year. We have already reached out to another citizen doing a similar Indy Do Day clean up and we plan to help her out by organizing another clean up before winter. Next year, we may do an Indy Do Day project all three days. The Rivoli Park Labyrinth is already organizing a mural project for the spring in the area where the neighborhood clean up happened this weekend to help people that travel through there to see beauty rather than litter, graffiti and debris. Service is the motto of the Rivoli Park Labyrinth, which is illustrated in the decorated quote in its community art display, "The fragance always remains on the hand that gives the rose." -Mahatma Ghandi

We worked on: Thursday, October 2, Saturday, October 4. There were 20 volunteers and around 24 total hours worked. We also provided the following skills to help with our project: Remove Debris