2016 Indy Do Day Accomplishments

Project Name: Kitchen and Pantry duty at Wheeler Mission

My name is Bill Batt and my organization, Rotary Club of Indianapolis participated in Indy Do Day for this project: Kitchen and Pantry duty at Wheeler Mission

This is what we accomplished: 

Prepared large pans of vegetables and baked beans to be cooked later for serving 80 to 100 men at Wheeler Mission.
Unloaded and shelved canned food donations. Helped arrange and rearrange pantry shelves for better food access.
Trayed 400 donated donuts for serving later.
Cleaned food prep area counter tops and food carts.
Worked with Sue, another Do Day volunteer.

We worked on: Friday, October 3. There were 1 volunteers and around 3 total hours worked. We also provided the following skills to help with our project: Cleaning, Food Preparation