2017 - What People Are Doing

Project Name: Lawrence Township & Salesforce: Lee Road Park

My name is Sarah Clem and my organization, Salesforce is participating in Indy Do Day for this project: Lawrence Township & Salesforce: Lee Road Park

This is what we hope to accomplish: 

Building on Salesforce Indianapolis’s tradition of working with Lawrence Township Schools on Indy Do Day. Salesforce employees are needed to help beautify and renovate Lee Road Park and Fall Creek Valley Middle School.

There will be opportunities to help clear bushes and overgrowth, place a stone walkway and paint the sports facilities at Lee Road Park. The City of Lawrence and Lawrence Township School Foundation are working together to make the park useable by Fall Creek Valley Middle School students. will help As part of Indy Do Day,

We will be working on: Friday, September 30. There will be 80 volunteers and around 240 total hours worked. We are also providing the following skills to help with our project: Cleaning, Landscaping, Painting, Remove Debris