2017 - What People Are Doing

Project Name: Allisonville’s Cardboard Challenge


My name is Steve Auslander and my organization, Allisonville Elementary School is participating in Indy Do Day for this project: Allisonville’s Cardboard Challenge

This is what we hope to accomplish: 

Honestly, we probably don’t want random strangers coming to the arcade so we probably don’t want to advertise to the general public, but thought you all would be behind what we’re doing. I’m not sure exactly what I hope to accomplish from reaching out to you all. Certainly folks related to Indy Do Day are more than welcome to attend, and it’d be fun to get a shout out on Twitter as well.

I guess I was hoping to pick someone’s brain to see if you had a vision for where we could go with this wonderful project.

We will be working on: Thursday, September 29. There will be 25 volunteers and around 37 total hours worked. We are also providing the following skills to help with our project: Other, Learning/Education