2017 – What Is Everyone Doing for Indy Do Day?

Project Name: Ludlow Avenue Clean-Up!

Our Accomplishments!

My name is Katie Weismiller and my organization, RJE Business Interiors participated in Indy Do Day for this project: Ludlow Avenue Clean-Up!

We worked on:

RJE Business Interiors is excited to partner once again with Indy Do Day to play an active role in the beautification of Ludlow Avenue and the surrounding neighborhood. In 2016, Denny Sponsel, RJE CEO, expanded RJE’s warehouse space into this area northeast of the primary showroom at 621 E. Ohio St. For the second year, our employees are excited to continue efforts to improve the quality of the surrounding grounds by offering trash pick-up, minor landscaping and overall enhancement to the area.

. There were 20 volunteers and around 200 total hours worked. We also provided the following skills to help with our project: Landscaping, Remove Debris