2017 – What Is Everyone Doing for Indy Do Day?

Project Name: District Fall Camporee

Our Accomplishments!

My name is Michelle Brzycki and my organization, Boy Scouts – Pathfinder District participated in Indy Do Day for this project: District Fall Camporee

We worked on:

The Pathfinder District of the Boy Scouts of America Crossroads Council is hosting their Fall Camporee over the weekend of Indy Do Day. The boys will be camping for two nights and participate in educational and fun programming from sunrise to sunset. When not learning or improving their camping skills, they will be working towards their rank requirements and earning merit badges. This is also the yearly event in which the older cub scouts are invited for part of the weekend to experience an Boy Scout event. This will help get them excited about the opportunities open to them as they get older.

There is one troop that is hosting the event. They have secured 50 volunteers to work during the day’s planned programming (about 8 hours of Saturday along with set up and check in on Friday). The troops attending bring their own volunteers to chaperone and guide the boys during meals and whenever planned programming is not provided. Each troop brings between 2-5 leaders to this event and they drive and help set up camp on Friday and then work with the boys Saturday morning and evening.

. There were 110 volunteers and around 930 total hours worked. We also provided the following skills to help with our project: Learning/Education