2017 – What Is Everyone Doing for Indy Do Day?

Project Name: TURN Festival

Our Accomplishments!

My name is Barb Richardson and my organization, Paramount School of Excellence participated in Indy Do Day for this project: TURN Festival

We worked on:

There are two main opportunities for volunteers to assist with TURN Festival:

Pre Event – preparing the school campus for the September 29th and September 30th metro wide event.

Event – volunteers to staff various event job areas i.e. runners, program areas contacts, exhibit support, parking, food booth, etc.

TURN Festival is a free, family friendly day held on the grounds of the Paramount School Farm – completed with goats, chickens and bees. The event is packed with children’s activities, workshops, hands-on demonstrations, exhibits, live music with Square Cat Vinyl, Sun King and food. Focused on farm, food, health and the environment, attendees will find sessions on urban farming, bee keeping, family gardening, food preservation, healthy cooking, yoga, and cycling. Kimbal Musk of The Kitchen Community presents at 1 o’clock. TURNFestival.com

. There were 141 volunteers and around 507 total hours worked. We also provided the following skills to help with our project: Help w/People, Food Preparation, Landscaping, Painting, Remove Debris