Use the toolkit to assist you in engaging your company, community organization and various networks. To save a file, right-click on the link or image and choose to save to your computer.
Volunteer Portal Tutorial
3 Step Cheat Sheet. This is a single-page reference document to get you started fast.

Video Tutorials
This tutorial describes how to create your Indy Do Day group and post your project on the Indy Do Day Volunteer Portal
LOGOS - Basic 300dpi resolution JPGs
These are the basic high resolution logos to be used for your own projects. For any more specific needs, please consider downloading some of the logos in the right columns. If you require more specific formats, please feel free to contact us.
DOWNLOAD - Black and Blue, White Background
DOWNLOAD - Black and White, White Background
DOWNLOAD - All White with Black Background

shirt-thumb Indy Do Day Shirts and Merchandise IndyDoDay has partnered with local business Colored Threads to have a variety of merchandise options available for ordering.  Some items are available for further customization to include a company or organization logo in addition to the Indy Do Day logo.  Visit the online store. You are welcome to use other suppliers.  The logo artwork they will require is available for download.